L.J.T Sports Season is Coming, Torching Your Calories!

It is said that the three most beautiful words in summer are not “I love you” but“You’ve got thinner”.In the “heat-exuberating” summer, what’s on your mind?Sweating,sweltering and gulping ice cola, let’s follow the pace of L.J.T and burn some calories in the sports season! With the holding of the 17th Sports Games of Gold Mantis, the athletes of L.J.T have shown their elegant styles in the arena. Team sports such as basketball and football are“red-hot favorites”that have attracted considerable attention.


Team Spirit


L.J.T basketball team consists of12 players who may come from various inconspicuous positions but gather together and become the focus on the field. “No struggle, no youth!” best describes this team. The players will finish the game even if they are injured on the field. With this fighting spirit of fearing no challenges, they have earned recognition from both the audience and their opponents!

L.J.T Basketball Team


Meiruide-L.J.T Football League has a total of6 players from L.J.T. Nothing can stop these football-loving lads from running on the field against the sun. In the end, they lived up to expectations and won the FootballChampionship in the 17th Sports Games of Gold Mantis!

Meiruide-L.J.T Football League


As the“extra staff” on the field, the cheering squad is also an essential part of the team. Since the start of the basketball game, cheerleaders often took time to watch the game and cheered for L.J.T basketball players racing on the field! When the athletes took a rest, they gave them water in time; when the athletes scored, they shouted and jumped for joy; when the players were injured, they were full of concern.

Not professional but passionate cheering squad

Friendship First

Recently, L.J.T basketball team also had a friendly match with Gold Mantis Gallery basketball team. To boost the morale, Xie Jinjun, Chairman of Gold Mantis Gallery, Weng Zhiyong, Chairman of L.J.T, and Lin Hai, General Manager of L.J.T, came to watch the game on the scene and cheered for the players on the court. It was not as serious as an official match. Everyone brought their “A-game”. The atmosphere was fiery on the scene, with endless cheers and exclamations.


In the games, Meiruide-L.J.T Football League has also enhanced cooperation between each other and promoted the bonds of friendship. Everyone cherishes the time of playing football together because the next time teammates meet may be at work.


The sports games are held not only to win the best scores but also to enrich and liven up the cultural life of everyone in spare time, promoting corporate culture and strengthening the interaction and exchange among employees of various branches and departments!

Wonderful Moment

No “basketball interception” can intercept the passion, no “football blocking” can block the youth! Summer will pass, but the passionate youthful vigor stirred up by the sports season will be remembered forever. Time stops for no one, but the moving continues. We look forward to more sports lovers joining the team of L.J.T in the future!

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