L.J.T Helps Krrish Sqaure, Promoting Colombo to a New Level in the Future

Located on the Indian Ocean, the tropical island Sri Lanka has the best black tea and sapphire in the world and is hailed as a tear in the Indian Ocean. In Colombo, the largest city in Sri Lanka, there are both cultural and historical buildings and steel forests erected in economic development; sometimes the eternal charms deposited in the past are filled with the boundless vitality of youth and enthusiasm.

This city formed by the collision of classical and modern elements is currently the hottest investment hot spot in the Indian Ocean. More and more high-rise and super high-rise buildings have been built, and Krrish Sqaure under construction stands out among them.

Krrish Square, which cost $650 million, is a mixed-use project for hotel apartment business. The project is located in the heart of Sri Lanka's capital Colombo District 1. It is adjacent to the World Trade Center, the Old Parliament Building, and the Hilton Hotel. It has a total floor area of 400,000 square meters. It consists of the ultra-luxury Ritz-Carlton Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel, luxury shopping malls, high-end office buildings, Ritz-Carlton Residences and so on and is the tallest landmark in South Asia. Among them, the main tower has 80 floors, the apartment tower has 73 floors, and Ritz-Carlton Hotel has 60 floors, ranking 1, 2 and 5 of the top five heights in Sri Lanka respectively.

The project is invested and built by Zhongtian Construction Group Co., Ltd. Zhongtian Construction Group Co., Ltd. is the flagship enterprise of Zhongtian Development Holding Group. Its main business is house construction and infrastructure construction. It has maintained the leading position in the construction industry of Zhejiang for many years. Zhongtian Construction adheres to honesty, quality, and advocacy of industry and business civilization. It has won the National Quality Management Award, the National Civilization Unit, the China Charity Award, the National Trustworthy Unit, the National Integrity Enterprise in the Construction Industry, the National AAA Credit Enterprise in the Construction Industry, the Creation Luban Prize for Outstanding Contribution Award (Gold Award), the title of "Top Ten Meritorious Enterprises" for New Type Urbanization Construction, the First Zhejiang Provincial Quality Award, the title of China Construction Bank Head Office AAA Grade Credit Enterprise and the like. In the list of "China's Top 100 Companies with Competitiveness in the Construction Industry," it ranked first in private construction companies.

During the construction period, there was a large-scale outbreak of dengue fever in Colombo, Sri Lanka. As a high-risk area, the construction site sprayed drugs twice a week to kill mosquitoes, reducing the risk of construction workers being bitten by mosquitoes and suffering from infectious diseases on the project site. The project department and team members overcame the high temperatures and wore long-sleeved clothes to ensure their own safety and the stability of the project. Due to the long-term high temperature and non-acclimatization, some colleagues were covered in a rash and suffered severe heat stroke. After short-term rest, they continued going to the "Battlefield" again.


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